Great Northern Transmission Line EIS
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Welcome to the Great Northern Tranmission Line EIS website

This website serves as a repository for all public documents and project announcements for the Great Northern Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Project Summary

November 17, 2017: A Public Notice of HPTP Review for Site 21KC0137 for the Great Northern Transmission Line Project can be found in the Document Library. Click here to access this item.

Minnesota Power is proposing to build the Great Northern Transmission Line, which would deliver hydropower generated by Manitoba Hydro to customers in the United States. The project will consist of a 500 kV transmission line from the Minnesota-Manitoba border to the Blackberry 500 kV Substation near Grand Rapids, Minnesota, as well as associated substation facilities and transmission system modifications at the existing Blackberry 500 kV Substation site.

Minnesota Power applied to the DOE for a Presidential permit for the project April 15, 2014. Anyone seeking to construct, operate, maintain, or connect an electric transmission facility crossing the borders of the United States must first obtain a Presidential permit issued by the DOE under Executive Order (E.O.) 10485, as amended by E.O. 12038. The DOE did not initiate, nor is it funding, the proposed transmission facility. The DOE's role is limited to deciding whether to issue a Presidential permit for the international border crossing necessary for the proposed Great Northern Transmission Line project. The Presidential permit application for the proposed Great Northern Transmission Line project is documented under DOE Docket # PP-398.

Minnesota Power also filed a Route Permit Application with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission under the Minnesota Power Plant Siting Act, Minnesota Statutes 216E. The Minnesota Department of Commerce prepares EISs for proposed high-voltage transmission lines pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 216E.03, subd. 5. This project is PUC Docket #E015/TL-14-21 (click here to search Minnesota Department of Commerce eDockets).

In order to avoid duplication, the DOE and the Minnesota Department of Commerce are preparing a joint EIS to assess the potential environmental impacts of the proposed federal action of granting a Presidential permit to Minnesota Power to construct, operate, maintain, and connect the proposed electric transmission line across the U.S.-Canada border in northern Minnesota. The EIS will also assess the potential environmental impacts of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission issuing a route permit for the project under the Minnesota Power Plant Siting Act. The EIS will address potential environmental impacts from the proposed action and reasonable alternatives.

Public Comments related to the Scoping Process were collected during the public scoping period which closed on Friday, August 15, 2014. Once a Draft EIS for the proposed Project is prepared by the agencies and made publicly available, a series of public meetings, with a corresponding comment period, will be held in the project area to solicit public comments will be accepted on the Draft EIS. Public comments on the Draft EIS would also be made through this website's Comment Form. All comments submitted to both the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Minnesota Department of Commerce will be considered and incorporated into the EIS record for the project. You do not need to submit your comments separately to both agencies.